20 AMP

The Band

There are many factors that contribute to the success of an artist in today’s music industry. Talent, image, creativity, songwriting, the ability to handle your alcohol… All of them are necessary, but none of them mean much without the one, most important ingredient. Determination.

20 Amp Soundchild is an Alternative/ Indie band from the suburbs outside Toronto, Ontario. It’s no stretch to say that they’ve got what it takes. When asked what they’d see themselves doing if music didn’t work out for them, their outstandingly bearded bass player Dave Hughes replied, “We don’t want to think about that. We have day jobs to help us pursue our goals and dreams, not to mention in order to survive. So every morning we wake up, we try harder and harder to make the goal of being full time.” Fueled by encouraging successes such as radio play, their videos being aired on MuchMusic, and opening for bands like Hollerado, USS, Walk Off the Earth, July Talk and Monster Truck, their grit and persistence keep them focused.

Their first release came in the form of an EP titled, “The Others.” The collection was recorded and produced by former Our Lady Peace guitarist, Mike Turner. The single, “Lights Go Out” was awarded a grant from MuchFACT, which resulted in a stellar music video shot at Durham College in the neighboring city Oshawa, Ontario. The song was also featured on MTV Drops, and quarterbacked their selection as 102.1 The Edge’s ‘Indie Online Band of the Month’ following the release.

Their last EP, “Outside the Marketplace” has certainly kept the momentum going. The EP features their current single, “Down But Not Out” which also yielded a video funded by the coveted MuchFACT grant, to be debuted in July, 2013.


All of these successes and accolades are encouraging, and the future looks bright for 20 Amp Soundchild. Believe it or not, it’s hard to make it in the music business! There’s still a long road ahead for the band, and they’re all geared up and ready for the ride. They have a fantastic work ethic, unwavering hustle, kick-ass music to play, and most importantly, they have steadfast, unfaltering, all-important, determination. As Dave so aptly put it, “…we’re not going anywhere, except in your face!”